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Shipping 2015 Engineers and Logistics is your company specialized in the transport of goods by road. We offer a complete land transportation service nationwide. We are dedicated to the safe transport of goods   with our own means. We mainly work national land transport coordinating deliveries. 

Terrestrial Services

We have more than 10 years of experience in the transport of goods by road. We apply the most advanced logistics techniques to guarantee a fast and efficient service.

We have sophisticated computer systems for planning routes and managing stops and incidents. We guarantee the safety of your cargo during the journey with state-of-the-art commercial vehicles adapted to the type of merchandise.

  • Full truck and groupage services to / from anywhere in California.
  • Specialists in fashion and distribution to shopping centers.
  • We have a network of correspondents worldwide).

Storage and Handling Services

At Shipping 2015 Engineers and Logistics we are specialized in warehousing for companies of all kinds: manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, etc. In our company you can find an optimal infrastructure to meet the logistics and distribution needs of your company. Regardless of the size or volume of products, since we offer a storage service tailored to each client, adjusting to any need that may arise.

We coordinate order delivery services, planning optimized routes to reduce logistics costs. The distribution can be local or national, depending on the business design of our clients. We make a custom job to cover the required service.

  • Consolidated services from/to anywhere in California.
  • Combined services of full loads and/or groupage.
  • Specialists in express shipments by road.

At Shipping 2015 Engineers and Logistics, with our Cross-docking service, we prepare your order according to your needs for transfer, distribution, storage, etc …