The Company

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At Shipping 2015 Engineers and Logistics we are a STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION company of merchandise nationwide. We have more than 10 years of experience in the logistics sector . We provide our clients with a quality service adapted to their needs.

Our years of experience and the satisfaction of our clients has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the best logistics and storage companies . We always offer a complete service for the storage, transport and distribution of goods . We can assure you that your merchandise will always be in good hands.

All our operators and departments work together to offer you a quality logistics service . Our workers are qualified professionals in the logistics sector . In addition, they have extensive experience in merchandise management , as well as transportation and distribution .

We offer our comprehensive logistics services to all those companies that need help with the logistics of their business . Not all businesses can have a logistics department , as it is a large investment. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford this initial investment, so hiring a logistics company is the best solution for many entrepreneurs.

Our facilities are very well equipped, with the latest technologies on the market. The logistics operators use the most advanced techniques to manage the merchandise of our clients.

Storage companies with affordable prices 

We can assure you that our rates are affordable. As a consolidated logistics operator in the market, it has allowed us to optimize all resources more efficiently, which is why we can offer our clients very affordable prices.

For those companies that want to outsource their operational and logistics activities, we provide a complete service at an affordable price. In this way, companies that outsource this activity will be able to fully concentrate on their business. We take care of all the stages from, storage of goods, transport and their subsequent distribution .

Our infrastructures are well equipped and are always very well guarded. In addition, our warehouses are characterized by their large dimensions for efficient handling of goods . We will provide a storage service tailored to your needs regardless of the size of your products. We are experts in warehouse management!