Logistics and Distribution

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The application of the most advanced logistics techniques, modern computer systems and the latest advances in technological processes allow us to be more productive and keep our clients updated at all times.

  • Management of all types of warehouses.
  • 3P solutions, storage, picking, cross-docking and local, national distribution.
  • Global solutions for perishables: Refrigerated and frozen cargo, usual handling, storage, stock management and national distribution.

Shipping 2015 Engineers and Logistics offers customized logistics solutions for companies. We take care of the effective management of each of the processes that make up the logistics chain. We are experts in the transport of goods and their subsequent distribution. We take care of satisfying the distribution needs of each of our clients in a personalized way, adapting to market demand.

We offer bespoke shipping services. We study all the possibilities and means available for the implementation of distribution strategies that guarantee the safety of the product and the fulfillment of the deadlines and objectives previously established in consensus with the client. We work on the planning, control and supervision of all distribution processes, offering the customer the possibility of receiving real-time information on the status of their merchandise.